Saturday, 21 April 2012

Vesak Day 2012

Here are Vesak Day Desktop Wallpapers 2012.

World Book & Copyright Day 2012

Here are World Book & Copyright Day 2012.

World Penguin Day 2012

World Penguin Day HD Wallpapers 2012.

World Book & Copyright Day 2012

 World Book & Copyright Day 2012.

Earth Day 2012

Here are Latest Earth Day Wallpapers 2012.

International Creativity and Innovation Day

Here are International Creativity and Innovation Day.

World Turtle Day 2012

Here are World Turtle Day 2012.

International Day For Biological Diversity

Here are International Day For Biological Diversity.

International Midwives Day

Here are International Midwives Day.

Friday, 20 April 2012

World Lupus Day 2012

Here are World Lupus Day 2012.

World Day For Cltural Diversity 2012.

Here are World Day For Cltural Diversity 2012.

International Museum Day 2012

Here are International Museum Day 2012.

International Day of Families

Here are International Day of Families.

IEEE Global Engineering Day

Here are IEEE Global Engineering Day.

International Nurses Day 2012

Here are International Nurses Day 2012.

World Red Cross Day

Here are World Red Cross Day  Latest Wallpapers.

International Worker's Day

Here are International Latest Worker's Day Wallpapers.

International Labour Day

Here are International Labour Day Pictures.

Queen's day Netharlands

Here are Queen's day Netharlands.

Freedom Day South Africa

Here are Freedom Day For Purtagal & South Africa.

National Sovereignty and Children's Day

Here are in Turkey National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

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