Monday, 9 January 2012

2012 Horoscope and 2012 Astrology

2012 Yearly Horoscope.
2012 Cancer Horoscopes and Cancer Astrology
2012 Cancer Horoscope and
2012 Cancer Astrology

June 22-July 22

2012 Cancer Love, Family and Social Life
Duefor married people you will get full support of spouse. All misunderstanding will be removed. Family life will be good. You will have to careful on the social front in this year. Chances of loss of honor will be high in this year.

2012 Cancer Education and Traveling
This year will be tough year for the students. Student will have to work hard for success. Students should be keep distance from bad friend otherwise you will involve in bad habits. Rahu is placed in the 5th house so you will not able to concentrate in education. You will spend time on the wasteful things.

2012 Cancer Health
The planetary influences throughout this year may not help you to enjoy the good health. There may be unexpected and small health issues. You will be short tempered and impulsive during this month and these factors will affect your health directly. Sugar, blood, and cold related problems will rise in this year. to Rahu impact on the 5th house this year is not good for love life. You should avoid dispute with you lover.

2012 Cancer Career, Incomes and Gains
The major planets Jupiter and Saturn are going to provide you average results. Jupiter’s will be transiting through the Aries Sign which is 10th house for you till 17th May 2012. Till 17th May you career graph will rise. You may be comfortable at work and spend on luxurious items. You will have some contacts that will be quite helpful to you in terms of guidance in your job.

Your contacts will be fruitful for you. You should utilize that links in a proper way and can enhancement your work. On 17th May Jupiter will enter in your 11th house then time will be tough for career. But you college/partners will give you good support. Old investment will give you good results. In business you will not be able to perform operations smoothly.

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