Tuesday, 10 January 2012

2012 Horoscope With Saittarius

2012 Horoscope With Sagittarius.

2012 Sagittarius Horoscopes and Sagittarius Astrology
2012 Sagittarius Horoscopes and
2012 Sagittarius Astrology
November 22-December 21
Career, Incomes and Gains
The major planets Jupiter and Saturn are going to provide you mixed results. Jupiter will be transiting through the Aries Sign that is posited in 5th house for you till 17th May 2012. Progress will continue on professional front. You will find your progress will increase due to your creative skills. Money flow will be good. On17th of May Jupiter will enter in your 6th house then you will get unfavorable results.
2012 Sagittarius Love, Family and Social Life
This year will be good for family life you will get good support of your family. Your social circle will increase. Friends will give you good support in this year. Till May 2012 time will be good for love life you may find true love in this period. Children related developments are possible after May 2012 time will be average for love life Some worry form children side will be there.
2012 Sagittarius Health
Till May 2012 time will be good for health but after 17th of May 2012 situation could be a little sluggish on health front. You might feel low on energy. You might encounter health problems related to Hernia, Bronchitis, liver complaints, jaundice etc.  

2012 Sagittarius Education and Traveling
Students will have a mixed year with lots of ups and downs. Saturn aspect on the 5th house will create lots of problems on the educational front. If you will not try to put your hard work failure in attempts is entirely possible. Avoid any confusion in your aims and concentrate on your study with full dedication.

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