Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Horoscope, 2012 Yearly & Astrology

Horoscope Withe Libra 2012.

2012 Libra Horoscopes and Libra Astrology
2012 Libra Horoscopes and
2012 Libra Astrology

September 23-October 22

2012 Libra Career, Incomes and GainsThe major planets Jupiter and Saturn are going to provide you positive results. Jupiter will be transiting through the Aries Sign which is posited in 7th house for you till 17th May 2012. Till 17th of May Jupiter will give you support in career related matters Partners and colleagues will give you good help. You will able to complete you ventures successfully. Time is also good for investment On 17th of May 2012 Jupiter will enter in your 8th house Then you will have to do lots of travel for your profession This travel will be fruitful for you.
Your 4th and 5th lord Saturn is placed in the 1st house This is very good placement for you Knowledge, authority and wisdom will be present during this period. You should utilize your intellectual ability and experience. People in your close circle will be jealous because of your success. This will be a good period. Good income from career will continue for you. You need to stay away from all kind of disputes during this time and should focus on your plans. There are indications that past efforts will bring you the desired success. It is a good time for expansion of business. You will buy some new property/land or vehicle in this year.

2012 Libra Love, Family and Social LifePlacement of the Rahu in the 2nd house will produce negative atmosphere in family. Till 17th of May 2012 time is good for married life this is also auspicious time for natives those are looking marriage. After 17th of May time will be tough for married life. Dispute with spouse could adversely affect the married life . Year will be good for friends and you will get good support of friends in this year
2012 Libra Education and TravelingThe Lord of the house of education is now in exaltation. This year will be positive for students. Students will get some good results this year. Students will be able to concentrate on their studies. They will also get good time for enjoyment and entertainment. Overall, this is an excellent time for Libran students
2012 Libra HealthAs far as health is concerned this year will be good for Librans. You will be fit and healthy. Placement of Saturn in your 1st house will give you good energy level. In this year you will not face any major health problem Only avoidable, minor and functional aliments will be there. 

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